Services for Technology Startups

Cash Management

Forward thinking and planning for enough cash at the various stages of development is one of the key challenges to the success of a company. If you know the cash requirements for the next period(s) you can plan. The earlier you plan and the farther ahead you look, the reward is cheaper cost of borrowing/acquiring funds and stable cash flow.

There are many sources for funding, all with their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what source to tap when is important and should be part of your plan.

Planning, planning, planning…

If you believe you can rely on only one plan, the survival of your company is at risk. Murphy’s Law is constantly in effect and can easily steer a start-up off-course. Wise companies have a Plan ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and even ‘E’ or more taking into account all the possible scenarios that can be imagined. Having an experienced player on the team who can for see pitfalls is a key factor in success.

Ploutos Tactical Consulting is your partner in planning and effective cash management. We can advise you methods and systems to guide you through some of the more difficult stages of growing an idea to Exit or IPO.

Business Plans

Business plans are tough since they take time to write and let’s be frank, not many use them to their full potential. However, they’re an essential component to the successful start-up.

Don’t underestimate the power of a carefully crafted plan.

Balance between effort and outcome is the challenge with business planning. You must be careful to spend as little time as possible, yet compile the right information for the right audience and present it in the right fashion.

For instance, the business plan you present to a banker is going to require different considerations than a plan presented to an investor. Each will be evaluating the company from a different perspective and will need different figures to assist in their decision-making process.

The most important part of a business plan, by far, is the financials and financial projections. As stated earlier it is especially important to have a strong grasp of the numbers for each of your target audiences. Strong financial planning and organization will be your strength at this cross-roads.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Too often companies focus on the wrong measurements and improperly assess the company’s health. The numbers appear to show accurate information but may be hiding problems that won’t be identified until it’s too late.

It’s tricky to discern the right key metrics of success.  They change for every company – even sometimes between direct competitors. It takes experience and skill to pick out the figures that quickly tell the right story.

Good financial reporting and analysis will unearth vital information and assist planning and decision-making. It can also uncover hidden problems. Investing in sound counsel with regard to your company’s finances will improve your standing under scrutiny by funding agencies and investors.

Nico Bot, principal of Ploutos Tactical Consulting, has a strong background in cost accounting and is well versed in finding the essential metrics to accurately measure the health of a company.

Guidance from a qualified advisor in Financial Reporting and Analysis is strongly recommended.

Accounting Systems

The right accounting system will meet, without exceeding, the needs of your company. For instance, in the beginning small companies may be easily organized with spreadsheets, but as they grow, advanced accounting packages and ERP systems will be more appropriate.

Your accounting system will support your annual tax planning with your accountant and help you save money. Maximizing the financial statements is important when searching for financing/investment and providing access to information for decision-making.

Ploutos Tactical Consulting is especially strong in financial management for start-ups and guides you to make the right bookkeeping decisions for minimizing taxes and maximizing growth.

Grants, Subsidies & Tax Credits

There are numerous public and private programs to support growing companies and provide funding and assistance.

Learning how to take advantage of scientific research and development grants, marketing, HR and IRAP grants can be a steep learning curve and often futile without the right process and application.

Tax credits for investors can be an important help to get the needed risk capital.

Commercial Banks, Business Development, private lenders,  and factoring might be other sources with insurance or guarantees by for instance Export Development Canada might open up sources of funding for you.

Skillfully navigating all the opportunities for funds is an important service Ploutos Tactical Consulting is proud to offer.

Funding Strategies

It’s important to look both inside and outside a company for funds. Inside funding comes through strong cashflow management that relies on a series of scenarios to create strategies that support growth.

Support materials including flat-sheets and white-papers for investors can help generate needed outside funds. Profiling the right numbers and information for the target audience is essential for raising funds.

It’s important to plan your funding strategies years in advance to set the stage for effective tax planning, grant applications and fund raising.

Profit Improvement & Expense Reduction

To be effective, the start-up must be LEAN.

It’s important to make the right decisions about scalability and where to cut costs, every step of the way. This can be a stressful exercise, especially when looking to cut costs means letting go of one of the team.

A good advisor is an asset and can significantly improve the business situation with forward planning, recognizing trends and having the right numbers to make good decisions.

Ploutos Tactical Consulting is skilled at guiding companies toward maximizing profit and managing expenses.

Board of Directors Best Practices

A strong Board of Directors and good governance is critically important. Finding the right people to sit on your Board, who will advise the CEO and provide accountability is a key determining factor in success of the company. So important, in fact, that funding applications and investors will carefully evaluate the composition of the Board  as a deciding factor for involvement.

“The slower the decision, the better it will be.”

No CEO is all-knowing. A balanced and skilled Board will hold the CEO in check and provide guidance in planning and decision-making.

“Every decision you need to make on the spot is a sign you’ve done something wrong.”

Ploutos Tacitical Consulting has a wealth of knowledge and experience on Board composition and effective governance. Our involvement in choosing and organizing your Board will ensure harmony and leadership for years to come.