Mt. Baker – training has begun

Mt. Baker – training has begun

How do you climb a mountain like Mount Baker? I jumped on the internet and looked for guides that could take me to the top. After reading info on the websites, I will probably go with Mountain Madness as the outfitter.

Now the question is, who can I trap in the net to go with me? I started talking to different people. They all loved the idea but most cannot commit, for different reasons of course: too old, too young, too high, too low, too expensive, or too married.

So we are at 3 with number 4 a possibility. I’d probably like to have a group of 6 so we can have 2 ropes on the mountain with 4 people each on it including the two guides. It is going be so much fun. Not just climbing the mountain, but the whole experience to get in shape for it, and the practice hikes.

Really looking forward to it.


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