• Building Companies

    Building Companies

    Building a company to take to public offering is akin to climbing a mountain.

  • Keep the Goal in Sight

    Keep the Goal in Sight

    When the going gets tough it's easy to lose sight of the goal. Stay focused and energized in body, mind and spirit.

  • Push for the Summit

    Push for the Summit

    Reaching the top is seldom easy. Planning, strategy and hard work makes the journey satisfying.

  • Everest


    The ultimate goal of serious climbers. Do you have an ultimate goal for your company?

'Ploutos', the Greek God of Wealth.

Move your Idea to IPO with experience and ingenuity.

What We Do

Strategic Partnering

We have different levels of alliance with our clients. We prefer to build long-term relationships including a cash investment from the owners of Ploutos Tactical Consulting in the companies we work with.

“Advice is easy to give if you have no marbles in the fire.”

Diagnostic Review

Ploutos Tactical Consulting will work as a partner with you and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. This review goes farther than just the financials, including market opportunity, scalability of the product(s), scalability of the organization and the willingness of management/founders to adjust.

Financial Planning

Ploutos Tactical Consulting is a specialist in the financial planning for businesses. We will partner with you to create what is needed to run your business in the different facets of your life-cycle. We prefer lean and mean, but good governance means knowing where you are standing financially.

Tactical Direction

Choosing the right strategy is important to come out ahead at the end. There’s work to be done: doors need to be knocked, tradeshows attended, bankers visited, investors need to be impressed.

“The war at the end is won on the battlefield itself.”

Recent Work

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

CANnav Marine Systems Ltd.

CANnav Marine Systems Ltd.

Ode Group

Ode Group